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apocalypto movie dual audio hindi added The pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilization, which is often referred to as the "Maya", reached its peak in sophistication during the Classic period (c. 250 to 900 CE). The Maya had a wide variety of architecture spanning many levels of society. For over 1,000 years, Maya culture was at the forefront of math and astronomy maya ??????? - ??????????? ??? ?? ? ??? ??? ?????????? ?? ???? ? ??? ????? ? ???,?? 19?? -? 250 - 900 CE) ? ???,??? 'maya' (c. 250 - 900 CE) �������� �������'������ (c. 250 - 900 CE). ?����� ������ ����� �� ��������� �� ? ���? �?��,??. ?������� �������� ?����?? �� ��������-����� (c. 250 - 900 CE) � ������� (?-????),? ???,����??. The Mayan civilization had a variety of different buildings that were used in the physical world along with several buildings that were used for purposes that are not physical. The physical buildings that were used included houses of worship, houses of government, homes of common people, and many others. Included in the spiritual buildings were temples dedicated to ballgames along with temples dedicated to astronomical studies. The buildings that were not physical were buildings that took place in the spiritual world. The Mayan people had a very specific style when it came to their architecture. It was known as voussoir dome architecture, which is very similar to the arch style of the Romans. This unique style used voussoirs (stone building blocks) that surrounded an opening in order to build domes. There are several courts that are filled with these domes in order to create spaces for rituals and ceremonies.(http://www. Maya architecture used voussoir dome architecture in order to create their buildings. This style was very much like the style of the Romans in that it used voussoir blocks to form domes. These voussoirs surrounded openings in order to build these domes, which were then used to create several different areas for religious ceremonies and rituals. There are many courtyards that are filled with these domes, which are also known as "corbelled arches", all around the Yucat?n Peninsula.(http://www.ukessays. com/essays/architecture/mayan-architecture-and-astronomy.php) The Maya were very different than other civilizations in that they had very little use for stone when it came to building. This is due to the fact that they did not have to build too many houses or buildings for their dwellings, so they did not see the need to use it much in their homes. These people also had an ingenious way of building without it much by using engineered wood, which was much stronger than regular wood at the time. This engineering was done in order to keep up with the fast growing population of these people.(http://www.ancient-origins.


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